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The Secret To Pro House Drums




40 minutes


About the Course

In this course, you will learn how to properly create, layer, process and mix your drums from scratch. These techniques can be applied to any form of House music including; Tech House, Bass House, Deep House, Slap House, Melodic House, Bigroom House and much more.


Topics covered in this course:

01. Basics - Sound Selection & Layering

02. Basics - Gain Staging Fundamentals

03. Advanced - Automation & Modulation

04. Final - The Master Drum Bus


After this course, you will have an understanding of how to sound professional in any sub genre of House music.

Your Instructor

Michael Phase

Michael Phase is an American/Dominican artist now focusing on fusing pop and underground music. He is better known for his harder dance styles and collaborations with companies such as Universal Music Group, ASHBA, Cloud9, Kingsland Festival, Q-Dance, 2 Dutch, and more. With to new focus, Michael continues to push the boundaries in music.

Michael Phase
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